Ever since I can remember, music has been part of my life. My mother—who both played in and conducted an orchestra—also taught guitar, so it’s not surprising that I had my first lessons when I was six. My father was a big movie and soundtrack fan. When I was eight, he took me to a movie merchandise store, where I bought my first soundtrack—Aliens, by James Horner.

From that moment on, I was almost obsessed with the idea of writing soundtracks myself and telling my own stories through music. I mixed and sampled on cassettes and pounded one Casio keyboard after another into oblivion. And when I formed my first Metal band at fourteen, I was already integrating virtual orchestras into our songs.

But before uniting my two passions, soundtracks and video games—after all, I did grow up in the 1990s—I enjoyed the wild rock’n’roll lifestyle, touring with various medieval and folk bands. And because I just couldn’t get enough, I decided to start my own recording studio with a friend of mine. There, I worked as a producer for every conceivable type of band and music while completing my training as a software programmer. During this time, my love for old, ethnic instruments was kindled, culminating in a bizarre collection of all kinds of string instruments from nearly every era…

My earlier enthusiasm for realizing my own ideas and stories through music was sparked anew, and once again I turned to movie music. While exploring both areas—film and composition—I discovered what most excited me about them: blending unusual folk and ethnic instruments with the large, full sound of an orchestra. Every element, along with its unique, special color, contributed to the project at hand, generating a mood that was conveyed by more than just the score. This exciting harmony became a major focus in my productions.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I found out how I could combine all these various interests and experiences: in video games. No other field features more creativity, variety, possibilities, and challenges than the worlds, the stories, and the characters of video games, as well as their gameplay, graphics, and sounds. Ultimately, all these components merge into a single complex and harmonious whole—a process that has been intensified even further by the fresh, new ideas appearing in the indie-dev scene.

Since 2015, I have been composing music and creating sound for video games, pen-and-paper role-playing games, as well as movies. My career has led me across the Guild 3, Victor Vran, the award-winning Earthdawn soundtrack, the prizewinning steampunk action film Space 1889 – The Secret of Phobos, all the way to where I am today. And I hope it will continue to lead me to many other fantastic worlds.


Music composition and production

You’ll get the music that you need, ready for integrating into your project—always with a focus on creating a unique, fresh sound to take your project to the next level.

Sound design and recording

Whether you need impressive spells, gigantic spaceships, powerful weapons, or simply a bard—I’ll be able to create the perfect sounds for your project.

Indie-dev focus

I began my career with the indie-dev scene, and I still enjoy working in it. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already established, I’ll be glad to help you from your very first steps on the path to obtaining the right sound for your project

Rare instruments

After many years in folk bands inspired by various eras and musical styles, I have collected a wide assortment of rare string instruments, ranging from early medieval harps to Renaissance lutes to exotic guitars. And all of these are just waiting to reveal their special musical charms to you.

Adaptable music integration

Using the experience I’ve gained from a number of diverse projects, I can help you shape adaptive music to your ideas and integrate it into your engine or middleware, such as WWise and FMOD.

Real Orchestra Recordings

I work in close cooperation with the 4FM Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir (Solo: A Star Wars Story, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Total War Three Kingdoms), so I’m able to offer you the sound of a Hollywood orchestra at especially reasonable rates.



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