Jan Haak

Composer for Movies and Videogames

Latest Work



Grey Whales

CGI Documentary for Russian National Aquarium

Space: 1889 - The Movie

Soundtrack for the Sci-Fi / Steampunk Featurefilm


Soundtrack for the Cyberpunk Short Movie

Song of Wolves

Main Theme for the Greek Fantasy Series


Soundtrack for the classic Fantasy RPG
Winner of the RPC Con Jury Award

Sandra & Woo

Jazz Soundtrack for the Point&Click Videogame

Sky Guardian

Epic Trailer Release


Main Theme for Fantasy Adventures on Smartphones

Contact - The Score

Modern Hybrid Soundtrack for the Sci-Fi RPG

Nigel Cornelius - Aviator

Tim Burton styled Action Adventure

Space Opera

Science Fiction Strategy Game

Vault of Oblivion

Fantasy Soundtrack Release


Symphony and Arts combined


Fixed element fading in and out

Showcase your beautiful images before blurring the scene and fading in your headline.


Music has always been the most important thing in my life, and even soundtracks were part of it from the early beginnings. When I was eight, my favourite tunes were soundtracks, I was also taking classical guitar lessons from my mother, who is conducting classical string orchestras in Aachen. Since I was fourteen (and got my first e-guitar) there was never a time when I was not in a band till this very day.

When I was seventeen I began to write orchestral pieces and a few years later I started playing and songwriting for one of the most successfull medieval folk bands in germany. Meanwhile, I founded my first recording studio in Aachen and started developing virtual instruments that are used in soundtracks all over the world.

After some turbulent years living real "Rock'N Roll", I heard filmmusic calling again and decided to concentrate on making soundtracks completely. Together with my friend and composer Kosta Kazantzis I founded the composer team X-Score, producing soundtracks for some of the biggest fantasy and science-fiction rpg-franchises in the world. At the same time I started writing soundtracks for all kind of video games and films.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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